Kenneth “Misstafiss” Romell Jones

Rapper/ Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer/ CEO of Hollyhood Rockstarz International Production Company

“Misstafiss” is one of the original members of the group QuestionMark Asylum which was established in 1987. He was also QuestionMark Asylums, writer & producer signed to Kaper/ RCA Records in 1995. To date “Misstafiss” is currently one of the members of the revamped QuestionMark Asylum group.

Other known projects include:

• Next Friday Soundtrack, production/ Priority Records (1999)
• Lil Zane, production/ Priority Records/ Worldwide Ent. (2000)
• Midnight Marauders Street Records, producer & writer/ Capital Records (2000)
• Hollyhood Misstafiss Mix CD, writer & producer/ Hollyhood Rockstarz Int. (2004)
• Pariah & The Inglewood Fam, writer & producer/ Pariah Records (2005)
• Mr Get It Man, the single, writer/ Hollyhood Rockstarz Int. (2006)
• Hollyhood Rockstarz Int., preproduction studios & production est.  (2006)-(2015)
• 100, the single, writer/ Eddie Black & VictoriousLLC (2016)
• Learn2day, the first single, writer/ Eddie Black & VictoriousLLC (2016)