Due to the creatively raw, unique, versatile, subliminal, lyrical and melodic entertaining hip hop style of QuestionMark Asylum, they managed to stand out among many other talented and gifted artist within their area.

With the DMV often being described as an area oversaturated with what many call, crabs in a barrel. Fortunately, this groups extreme passion towards the ongoing pursuit of their own creative and original identity within the hip-hop culture.

Their purely creative style is what led them to being the very first hip hop group in the DMV area to ever land a record deal with a major record label.  The original members of the group are Rosta Swan aka Eddie Black, Misstafiss aka Fiss Dogg, Digge Doms and Ding Ding Ding (deceased). Earlier on in there careers a well known and extremely talented up & coming DJ/music producer Rico Anderson was their very first producer. Going forward the group connected with another DJ and group member going by the name of DJ Lee Major. Later DJ Major Lee ended up parting ways with the group after a few business complications.

Years later, Eddie Black (Rasta Swan) and Victorious met and started making music together under their record label. The two produced and wrote several songs together. In 2015, the group got back together with the exception of one other member and started to create more hit records. Today, Question Mark Asylum consists of 3 dedicated members Eddie Black, Victorious and Mr. Fiss.